100% Agave Spirit Available in 750 mL and 200 mL


Madre Ensemble is crafted to redefine the perception that all mezcal is overly smoky by balancing the flavors of Espadin and Cuishe agaves. It’s the perfect first taste for a new mezcal drinker, or a great everyday sipper for the mezcal aficionado. Using the same artisanal processes used for centuries, every drop of Madre is infused with the natural tastes of the agave and earth from which it comes. With less smoke than most mezcals, Madre opens palettes to an exploration of sweet and mineral flavors, with subtle tones of sage.

Tasting Notes

Subtle smoky notes, accentuated by a sweet earthy fragrance. Herbal notes follow through onto the palate with flavors of sage, minerals, and a lingering floral finish.

ABV / Proof
45% / 90